I "fixed" McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime"... or did I?

Mark Suszko

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Feb 11, 2022
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People feel strongly about the original; there's not much middle ground. I liked the song "ok", but never liked the synthesizer parts on it, and I think a lot of people felt the same. I left the echoing synths out on my cover, tightened-up the breaks, but most important, and different from other people's covers, I also changed the groove to a bossa-nova, and I think that makes it a fun song to dance to, or chill out with. I'm interested in your impressions of my attempt.

All the vocals are mine, as is the uke playing, but Amanda Wanless was kind enough to do a vocal track in honor of Linda. Thanks, Amanda!

Produced in Apple Garage Band and Final Cut Pro/ Apple Motion.

I put a bit more work into this than the usual. The sound track was over-built at around thirty layers, and I went back to strip it down and re-build it after I finished the video edit, trimmed a few layers and re-balanced it some. The snow globe effect took some work and time to assemble and shoot, but I liked how it came out and I think it makes a nice surprise gag ending. I could keep tinkering with it, but wanted people to see it before Christmas.
If you want to make your own snowglobe effect, I have the step by step instructions on a facebook group called: "techniques for making ukulele videos discussion board". If you don't do facebook but still need my "recipe" post here and i'll lay it down as text.
So enjoyed this, Mark! Diggin' that Fender uke, man! (y)
Thanks! You know, it's not the best Uke in the world, it's not very expensive, but I like it and it's my daily driver as well as my go-to performance uke in public. I wish Fender sold a hard case or even a soft case for it; bad marketing move to sell a uke that doesn't fit a regular case and not upsell a custom Fender one...
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