I have a harp uke & want to add undersaddle LR Baggs 5-O pickups to both saddles


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Dec 18, 2013
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Molokai, Hawaii
Question is I'd have 2 separate jacks...does one use 2 separate cords/amps or can one use a "Y" to connect both at back of uke & play through a single amp to minimize extra cords & weight ?
Mahalos in advance


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That is a combined bridge. Based on your standard piezo length, I think it might be safe to assume you might have enough length to use just one pickup and thread it under both saddles. If that’s not the case, I’d recommend using a guitar pickup as often, they have a piezo that might be longer and has a 1/8” jack for easy connection to the preamp. Having two pickups in the same instrument might cause issues with one pickup picking up vibrations also picked up by the other, so I don’t think 2 in the same instrument would work, but I’m no luthier, so I can’t be for certain.
Nice build. You can get coaxial type under saddle pickup. However it looks like you have two separate saddles which would suggest you use two pickups as above mentioned.
You can get twin pickups with one jack K&K , I bought three of those sets for my double neck ukes, two sensers under each bridge, work great
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