I hope this doesn't happen to you this X-mas!!


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Feb 13, 2008
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Brooklyn USA

Oh Boy, just what I wanted, a ukulele!! How did they know?!!


UGH!! UAS sucks...
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I can't remember when exactly, sometime before last X-mas. My folks had cut it out of the paper and sent it to me. I suppose you could go to the Star Bulletin website and search for it under comic strips and ukulele and X-mas? Oh yeah, if your not from hawaii, you wouldn't recognize the name of the paper...its a local paper, strip by a local comic artist.
oh man, that must suck.

why am i talking to a cartoon.

oh i forgot, cuz its two days till christmas eve!!! woot
Haha, after reading that other optimistic thread (about having a Uke xmas), I wonder how many other folks are hoping their significant others don't pull such a stunt....AIYA!! Need I feel guilty?
Well I bought mine myself so I don't think so. ;)

But I haven't seen it in person yet, or played it. I'm playing the soprano though. :)

/Anders did get a wok for his brother, and does look like a string instrument once wrapped.
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