I Just Can't Help Believin' (B.J. Thomas)


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Feb 4, 2008
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The old laptop I've been using to edit my videos finally went kaput, so I had to edit this one on my desktop with software that I'm not too familiar with yet (Final Cut Pro).

I've always thought of this song as a B.J. Thomas song, but it looks like Elvis released a version of it as well. Anyway, hope you like my rendition.

Elvis sure did record this song my friend, and he did a great job with it. So have you!
Enjoy your new software learning curve. x
Thanks, Dave! I have much to learn. I didn't even think about trying to add harmony and other instrumentation. Wish me luck! :)
Very good, John! Thanks for posting this for us to enjoy. You've dusted off some older memories again.

Thanks, Bill! Thanks, John! I really appreciate it! :)
Rest in peace, B.J. Thomas! Thanks for the music!
Great job John, very smooth & mellow. Your old Kanilea sounds wonderful too.

Thanks, John! Sorry for the long delayed response! It's my workhorse ukulele. I like its sound and lightness. :)
Great job playing and singing. That uke does sound pretty sweet.

Thanks, v30! I really appreciate it. I'm hoping to buy another Kanile'a someday. :)
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