I Was An Island

Firstly, I want to say that, if you have not heard of John-Allison Weiss, you should check them out. They’re a serious talent that deserves attention.

Secondly, the original at surpasses this humble cover.

That said, here’s my cover of Weiss’ “I Was An Island.” My wife had been trying out new songs on her driving playlist and I instantly latched onto this one because it’s so good.

Thirdly, because we’re all uke nerds here, this ukulele is a Martin from 1934-1937. I bought it from The Ukulele Room and, while it’s not ideal for a collector with its refinish and planetary tuners, it’s perfect for me. Currently, this is the “bury me with,” ukulele. ;-)

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this and I REALLY hope it makes you want to check out Weiss’ work, even if it’s just to see how much better their original is compared to my cover.

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