If You Want to Start an Ukulele Club...

I have finally started a Ukulele Club here in Spanaway Lake High School. Unfortunately for certain reasons I cannot join myself, but I did it for them. Sadly I don't think I'll be getting any credit for staring it myself because people don't know I started it :( but whatever. We meet every Tuesday after school, and our Second meet will be next Tuesday. Thanks UU!!

Say what? I will march on down to Spanaway Lake High School and slap those ukers who don't give credit to you. We'll devise a plan that will make them sorry! We'll gather all of UU and destroy them!

Maybe we shouldn't go that far...lol ;)
Last night, I created the first ukulele-themed club on Playstation 3 Home, a new application from Sony Computer Entertainment. At this point, there is one member aside from myself. Unfortunately, due to the user agreement, I cannot send free stuff to the members, since I can't ask for their addresses. I'll have to make a forum for them or something. Maybe even try to affiliate it with UU.
Say what? I will march on down to Spanaway Lake High School and slap those ukers who don't give credit to you. We'll devise a plan that will make them sorry! We'll gather all of UU and destroy them!

Maybe we shouldn't go that far...lol ;)

thanks jack but i don't think the uke club is around anymore.... :(
the only person i can think has enough experience to really lead the uke club is me so it didn't really go well and they all stopped coming..... maybe next year.. :/
These Playstation Home users just suck. Nine days, not a single new member. So what if the club system was down for a few days, that's no excuse! :mad:

I mean, they could have at least asked me to invite them when it went back up... :(

Im in high school in the UK,im in year 9 (grade 8) and like theres hardly any people who play the ukulele apart from me,there is like nobody for miles apart from me who plays one.

Its real annoying,i have to travel 20 miles to get to the next ukulele player,i really want to jam with someone else but without having to travel far,im not if my friends at school would take up the uke either because they mostly play guitar,could you give me any tips please?


i speak english. Most commonly the language spoken on this site.
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Starting an Ukulele Club help (For the Microwave Generation)

OK. For all of you that want to start a club, all you gotta do is start it.
I'm a teacher and I sent out a letter to all students in grades three-five. They then brought them back to me and I then sent out another letter to their parents and gave information about time and basic info. They signed and then brought back to me. I have 31 students in the club and 24 of them have bought their own ukuleles. We have been meeting for three weeks now.

I am tired of hearing all of you complain about no one plays but you. Get out there and persuade people of the joy of the uke. Besides the kids, I have gotten four of my coworkers interested in the uke and three of them have purchased on already.

Nothing happens with out effort. So stop your whinning and do something about it. :)
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Update on the Aquinas Grammar Ukulele Society:
We've got 5 members and I think more are interested in joining (We've only got one spare uke to lend to those who are interested)
We're playing one song with two beatboxers at the school's spring concert. We're doing Billie Jean, so the five of us can hopefully make enough skill combined to make an Aldrine and PureMarkSka.
We have meetings every Wednesday. We have one song learnt (Bridge over Troubled Water) and we're working on Billie Jean.
They're all sporting their Ukulele Underground stickers on their cases and schoolbags, and they'd like to thank you guys for them!
Aloha again!

Finally after searching i have found two other ukulele players in my school and one whos buying his first ukulele at the end of this month :)

ive asked a bunch of people at my school if they want to start a club and so far a bunch have been totally for it. its nearing the end of the school year though. do you think i should wait til next year to start it up? i also have no clue how clubs work so what would i need to do?
hello....well I was kinda desperate to find people here in my city who plays the uke...and I found him! so dont be sad...u will find more people around and you will start your club any time soon.
Remember that 2 is a crowd!
I'm going to be a freshmen at University of Delaware in the Fall and they don't have a ukulele club- they will when I'm done with em! So, in a few months I'll definitely hit UU up :).
hey guys! i'm a new uke player, and i'd really like to start an ukulele club this coming school year here in sunny san diego. i know of a few uke players at my school, but we're just mere acquaintances. also, they've been playing longer than i have.

would it be cool to start a club, even though i'm still a novice?
hey, thanks rayan for sending stuff! my club members thank you.
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