If You Want to Start an Ukulele Club...

hey guys! i'm a new uke player, and i'd really like to start an ukulele club this coming school year here in sunny san diego. i know of a few uke players at my school, but we're just mere acquaintances. also, they've been playing longer than i have.

would it be cool to start a club, even though i'm still a novice?

oh yea totally, clubs are about fun and learning. if you have a passion for playing, then making a club is a good idea. it brings together uke players who can learn from each other XD
hey... I don't think I'm going to start a club soon but I'm going to have some ukulele workshops here in Rome starting from September. They're already sponsored by Aquila Corde. Can I be UU powered?
Wow! This sounds awesome! There isn't really an ukulele club at my school, but there is a "Hawaii Club" (club that promotes hawaiian culture) and they have luau's where a couple of guys get together and start jamming with each other. I am trying to get them to expand their music further, and I think UU would be a great way to do that! I don't really hold a really high position in the club, I just play for them because they need time in between dances for their dancers to change outfits and such, or they need to prep for a luau and they get me to take up 30 minutes of time with a setlist of random songs. Alright, once I get approval from the club officers, I'll shoot an email right away!
Totaly down for this, It's my sr year and to late for me to form a club but I can get my bro to form it for next year! :spam:
scratch that i talked to my physics teacher (who used to play us the uke last year) and there's going to be a ukulele club started fairly soon.
I've actually found it really easy to spread the Uke Love, if you're still in high school all you gotta do is start playing it in the halls with the guitarists (which you can find at most schools...), jam with them, let them play it a little, and then pretty soon you've got a couple other ukers in the family. Seriously, it amazes me, but most people have just never considered the uke, once they see its potential (playability and size), i've found alot of people are pretty interested. Just point them in the direction of a dealer and you're on your way to a club, or at the very least a few folks you can jam with.
I will ABSOLUTELY talk to my school's ASB/Club Director for this.
Our school has many people who play the ukulele. AND the ironic thing was that we were also talking about making an ukulele club at school! haha.

This is probably the greatest news I have heard! :D
I'm thinking about trying to get together a ukulele club at my university, the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. I came on here to start a thread to see if there was any interest...I will for sure email you guys if I end up working something out!
i was wondering if i could start a ukulele club at MY high school...
the only problem is that i go to a private school of 100 kids with only 2 of those hundered that play ukulele.
still... it would be cool to get the stickers and to be supported.
the other member of the club is a freshman and actually a student of mine (i teach uke).
could you let me know your answer as a message in my inbox?
(i rarely check threads)
It's great to see how many people are interested in starting an uke club!
Here are some ideas from my experiences w/ the uke club I created.
1. Be prepared
Make sure you find a club sponsor (teacher. administrator etc.), make sure you have all the correct paper work and all the jazz. It'll help in the end.

2. Don't give up!
My ASB denied my request at first. They said we didn't have enough members and we didn't benefit the school. But after some hard work and dedication, we proved that the ukulele is becoming increasingly popular. In the end, we got the approval to form a new club.

3. You don't need a bazillion uke players to form a club
Trust me, there are a lot of people who are dying to learn how to play uke, or just want to listen to some good music. You should open up the club to anyone who is interested in this amazing instrument, even if they don't know how to play. That's where the fun part comes in, teaching!

4. Everyone needs help sometime.
If it is too difficult to form a new club at your school, you can always branch under another club. Like guitar club, hawaii club, music club etc. In my case, we recently decided to branch under our Polynesian club. It's been great! A bunch of people who love the Polynesian culture.

5. What to do?
-One of the easiest activities to do in an uke club is just jam. Find a couple of well known songs and have the members learn it, and play along
-Lessons- The more experienced uke players can help the beginners and teach them a thing or two.
-Perform- whether it be the talent show, assembly, or multicultural performance. Performing is always fun!

5. You'll be amazed
There are some people in our uke club that you would never expect to play uke. And there are some people that are extremely talented. You never know what you're going to find. It's crazy how popular ukulele has become at our school now!

All in all, have fun, work hard, and spread the love for the ukulele. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns :]

P.S. Mahalo again to Ryan and the entire UU staff for the awesome stickers and what not!
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so, if i wanted to advertise a uke group in my area, just a uke jam once a week or every month say, i could also say that the uu will sponsor and givie free stickers and ..? plus we'll sign everyone up to the uu, etc. any input as to what to advertise as the actual benefits of said group ? I know it's to have fun and be able to play with all skill levels and all ages of uke players plus those who just like hearing the uke music, to learn new tips and tricks...any other suggs? peace---malumele
I'm going to be a sophmore in high school this upcoming year and i was thinking about making a club!! I already know of about 7 people who can play and i think it would be really awesome to recruit more!! Does anyone have a clever names for this club????
I got a ? along this idea. Our students come back next week 8/18 and I'm in an elementary school. UU is blocked by our server but I want to try and get it unblocked by IT. Is there ever bad posts on here. I haven't seen anything that is bad but this site is the best thing for me and my uke playing. I feel like I have grown more as a player since I found it.

I contacted the education authority that blocks the site and requested that they remove the block for educational purposes (there are video tutorials galore on here) and they wrote back the next day telling me that it was approved and that I could use it and so could the kids. Don't see why it should be a problem for you to do similar, but we are in the UK...
Hey this is great :). I don't know anyone in my school or area that plays the uke except me. Not many people play in England - it's usually associated with George Formby or tiny tim (what a great guy) - so I think it'd be harder to start one up in my school. People look at me funny when I tell them i play the ukulele ("The Ook-oo-what-what?"). I will try and see how it goes :).


I think you'll find that thousands of people play uke in the UK and it is hugely because of Jake and the Uke Orchestra of Great Britian - they even played at the BBC proms and filled the Albert Hall last year. Biggest selling instrument - last three years running. You just haven't met them yet. Get out there and drum up some uke-love.
I contacted the education authority that blocks the site and requested that they remove the block for educational purposes (there are video tutorials galore on here) and they wrote back the next day telling me that it was approved and that I could use it and so could the kids. Don't see why it should be a problem for you to do similar, but we are in the UK...

WOW it has been a long time. My system unblocked it for me last year or was it 2 years ago? I can't view videos at work until after 4 pm. I used UU for the club and the kids loved it. I probably should have mentioned that the system that I work for complied to my request.
Just moved to Maui. Anyone in Maui interested in getting together for an occassional uke session?