If you watched a live streaming vid on ukulele...

Jon Moody

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Sep 2, 2011
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Kalamazoo, MI
...what would you want to see/hear?

The live video stream I did in December, showing off the new GHS fluorocarbon ukulele strings went very well, as did my half-hour live demo from NAMM (where I talked about ALL the new strings).

So, I'd like to start a series of streaming videos, about an hour long, to help inform and benefit the ukulele public. Some of the ideas I have already are...

-What Now - Talk about general maintenance and upkeep, including tuning and stringing up the ukulele
-Strings - Talk about the differences in various string types and what they can do to your sound
-Start at the Very Beginning - Learn some simple chords!
-The Inversions - Talk about how some of the simple chords can sound new with inverted chords (where the bass note is NOT the root)

Any other ideas?
How about making and installing your own bone nut and saddle? That is something i'd like to tackle soon.
It's possible. Given that I have no knowledge of doing that, it may be a long way down on the list.
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