In The Days Before The Uke


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Mar 29, 2012
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Maysville, Kentucky "on the banks of the Ohio"
Sorry about the low video quality on this one. I did a poor man's transfer from VHS tape to Digital camera, from a 30 year old combo tv. Doomed from the start. I did want to share some of this show from 20 years ago. Darry was at the top of his game before 5 strokes and time slowed that down. Roger was only a year on the fiddle, as he tutored young Clay on banjo. We could have been a pretty good band. I think that might have been our last gig. I guess we just couldn't handle all that success.:cool:

So cool, Nelson! So, is that you on the bass fiddle? I notice that your tunes back then have that same nice sense of movement and swing that your current stuff has. Awesome!
Thank you for posting, Nelson! This takes me back to my early teens. Primarily for benefit shows, I occasionally filled in on banjo with two local friends who later joined two far better musicians to become Whitepath (so named for a Native American / Cherokee Nation chief).

My fiends’ dad (now in his late 80’s) was a tall, pencil thin fiddler who did a fabulous impersonation of String Bean. He taught me “Hot Corn, Cold Corn” and I went many years wondering what the heck a demijohn was.
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