Incoming Kanile'a K-1T DLX E


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Jun 3, 2013
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I found a slightly scuffed up 2018 K-1T deluxe online for a good price. I had to sell off my Kiwaya concert and Martin tenor to finance it, but I'm pretty excited. I listed the Kiwaya first and it sold within an hour. I've just now listed the Martin and we'll see how that goes. I liked the Kiwaya and the Martin, but both of them had slightly thin (albeit silky pure) tone compared to my HF-2 or the Pono MS. And I like the idea of having fewer instruments that I like more! I know, I haven't even touched the Kanile'a but I'm pretty confident that it will be pleasing.

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Congrats! I recently bought a brand new Kanilea K-T natural finish from Aloha City Ukes. I have other tenor ukes that I really like but the Kanilea a wonderful instrument.
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