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Nov 25, 2007
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Kauai HI

We have some free stickers. If you want one email your mailing address to, ukuleleunderground(at) . The reason this is in the Uke Tabs section is I'm going to post a news update on the main page telling everyone that in order to find the instructions to get their sticker they need to search for them in the forum. Little bit of a treasure hunt for fun. :D

Nuke and Fred don't move this thread.

First 200 people to email get a sticker. After that we're all out.
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For those people who live in different countries. Yes we will ship to you to, so don't worry. first 200 in get them no matter where in the world you are.
whoa :D nice idea man ;p
Hope I made it in time.. great to be in a different time zone to almost everyone else!
Meh... cursing the fact that my parents don't like me giving out our mailing address... oh well.
well there is 200 - so im sure that you all got in :D

then again - i could be wrong haha :D

really made to give out free stickers.. Only one :S not sure where to put it.. ill keep it until i have a fine idea :p
Stickers look sweet. Hope I get one.
Weee, sticker time! :) Hopefully I'm within the 200 people. ><;;
Did I make the cut off?
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