Is it okay to get a concert sized case which will primarily be used with a soprano?


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Feb 14, 2024
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I want a case for the flight soprano that I just posted a NUD of, but will probably want to take a concert occasionally. Will a concert sized bag protect the soprano less? Is it okay to store (soft) groceries in the extra space, if I'm only taking the soprano?
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When it comes to gigbags, experience has taught me to never buy a Soprano sized one.
Sometimes they won't even fit Sopranos!

One size up is fine.
Concert bags work for Sopranos & Concerts.
Tenor bags work for Tenors and Concerts.
Baritone bags work for Baritones and Tenors.

If you are ordering online, ensure to check the dimensions. Sometimes your ukulele is a big longer than the Gigbag.
Sometimes tenors don't fit in tenor bags, so I have to return it to get a Baritone, etc.

You could use a tenor bag for a soprano, but you'll have excess space.
Wouldn't say it's less protection per se.
There are many cases designed to hold a soprano or concert. Both of the ones I linked in answer to your backpack post are, for example. I believe The Rebel also uses the same gig bag for their sopranos and concerts. So long as there's a way to secure the uke in the case, it'll be fine.

The main disadvantage is that it could be bulkier than you need. Part of the appeal of a soprano is its small size. In particular, if you're flying, a soprano case will usually fit under the seat in front of you but a concert case will be too long.
Optimally you want the perfect fit where the uke doesnt slide around. But most importantly you need it to fit, and your plastic back ukulele will probably take a bit of sliding around without any damage.

I would not put any other items in the same compartment as the uke, except a strap I dont bother to remove. Besides structural damage to the uke body, things can get entangled with the tuners and strings. Even a thin, sleeve like, bag can protect an ukulele from that, given than there are no other items in there.
Did the uke come with a drawstring bag or anything? In that case I might put the drawstring bag with the uke into a large backpack besides softer items. Making sure that the wooden top faces out, away from the groceries. It is a plastic uke, meant to be durable, but strings are still vulnerable.
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