Under discussion Is it possible to add audio.com to the media that can be embedded in posts?

A suggestion that needs more discussion to understand


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Feb 8, 2012
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Derbyshire, UK
Hello Mods,

I am not really much of a DAW user, but I do sometimes use Audacity. Their parent company (Musescore) have a new service called audio.com, which allows you to post recordings for free, without adverts or limits on file storage.

Whether this is something that will still be free in the future is another story, but for now it does seem like a very elegant way of posting recordings.

Is it something you could add to the "Approved sites" if you click to insert media into a post?
Nothing I've tried on my own has worked, but I've pinged the developer of our media player. He's not super-speedy -- like most of us here, he has a day job -- but he's crazy skillful, and audio.com has a pretty robust embed toolset, so I'm hopeful!

I'll be in touch when I have more to tell you.

Otherwise, keep the requests coming!
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