Issue with mono jack climbing out and cutting off


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Jul 31, 2023
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Model: Anuenue Tolele 2 E Concert Ukulele
I shot a quick video to describe what is happening below.

Basically any sort of rotation causes the mono plug on the cord to climb out of the jack which then disconnects the electrical signal.(Which is annoying since it is not acoustic.) I have tried several cables and they all exhibit the same behavior. Any ideas for a solution? When I take it apart nothing in the jack appears to be damaged and it holds the plug in snuggly.

What access do you have to the plug, rather than the jack?
There will be a spring steel contact within the inlet socket, that makes contact with the jack.
My two bobs worth is that the spring is pushing the jack out rather than pushing against the side of it.
Please post of pic of the plug end when it's not plugged in. Can you easily spin the tip (round nubby part) with your fingers? That would indicate a bad plug. When plugs go bad the tip will sometimes come loose and start to side out developing space around (pull out of) the black ring. There should be no gap as shown.

Try plugging the other end of the cable into the jack. If both ends of the cable fall out, the problem is likely the jack itself as anthong suggested.


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Yes, I have tried with several different plugs.(A couple unknown brands and a Yamaha.)

I kind of just figured out the problem. The jack is two pieces. The face of neck strap clip screws on to the actual jack. The face of that is just thick enough to prevent the plug from seating all the way in the socket. I might be able to rebend the clips somehow.
Try a Strap Keeper from Tapastring. It's inexpensive and works a treat. Usually receive the Keeper in a week here in Wisconsin.

Tapastring Strapkeeper
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