It's Aloha Friday!!! No work 'till Monday!!!


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Mar 12, 2011
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Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha Kakahiaka everyone!!!

It's Aloha Friday!!! No work 'till Monday!!! :cheers:

YES!!! Have a good weekend!!!

Ho Brah . . . just lookin at da pikchas, had flashback from da Cannery. I tink dat was a first job fo everybody (cept me), I wen go work one summah pickin pineapple in Wahiawa. Talk about Suck!
Aloha, Kimo!

Since you posted that vid a while back, it's been driving me nuts. I remember hearing it back when I lived in Honolulu about 15 years ago, and your post brought it crashing back. I been searching for the chords, and Molokinirum was nice enough for find them for me, and now I can play it for myself before sitting back with some pau hana beers tonight.

Mahalo nui loa for bringing back da kine memories.
Ho Bruddah Kimo!

Mahaloz fo posting da "Aloha Friday" vid! Brah, I wen grow up wit dat song! You stay makin' me homesick! I wen bus' my okole 2 summers working @ da Dole Pineapple Cannery! Plenny of us locals wen go experience how hahd da work was, but wen pau hana time, Ho! we had good fun celebrating one hahd day's work ... especially "Aloha Fridays!" But looking back, was good fun! Wouldn't have em any oddah way! Da video shua brings back all kine memories!

Now it's time fo pound da beers an trow da meat on da grill fo pulehu! I stay ready fo some ono brok da mouth kine grinds!:cheers:

Shoots den Kanaka!

Jr Boy
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It's that time of the week again folks!

Here in that country where it "always rains" it's currently 24°C outside and 39°C in my conservatory, it's one hour to go until Gin O'clock and the only decision I need to make is whether I listen to Aloha Joe or Eagle 96.9 Sacramento on my internet gramophone while I get steadily drunk.

Man, it's a hard life sometimes!

Happy Aloha Friday everyone, I'm currently wearing my Dukes Canoe Club vest in honour of this great day!
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