JELLO wrote a couple songs (:


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Mar 12, 2008
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Tacoma, Washington
Hey guys! I know I know, I'm NEVER EVER on!
School is such a killer. But, I still find time to play around on my ukulele :)
So pretty much, I wrote a couple songs those days when I was stuck in my dorm with nothing to do. Just thought I'd share them here :)

I'm still not an expert & need much practice but I'm having fun trying to learn on my own :)

Happy Holidays everyone! :)

You & I:
In His Hands:
hey, its good to see that you made it on! AND you made some videos.

not bad songs you got there. keep practicing and make a CD :) haha

hope to see you on the forums more yeah? keep strummin' and good job!
Good going, Ms Jello!

Original tunes really make a difference. I'm trying to get the last bits polished up on a new one myself.

EDIT: Ooops! Just remembered you were in Tacoma. My band, Snake Suspenderz, will be playing there for First Night Tacoma. We'll be on the Sanford & Sons downstairs stage at... I think it's 8:30. Check out the calendar on the Snake's site for all the info. Love to see you (and any other south sound ukers) there!
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