Jet/Performax 10-20 drum sander again.

YES! Ken, THANK YOU, again for working through that issue with me a year or so ago! :D :D :D
Lubrication question:

The manual says lubricate the conveyor bushings. Doesn't say what to use or how to get to the inboard one on the motor end. I have noticed a squeak, don't like that. Not a great mechanic or maintenance guy but do like the kit that Ken sent me and don't want to let this thing go to pot.

What do you use to lubricate and how?
My 16-32 is wrecked. Tracking all over the place, feed belt drive shaft broken, repaired by Ken and now stuffed. Replacement parts about $600 so awaiting New Laguna machine..

Oh and if you own a Jet machine purchased from Axminster tools they no longer support the warranty. That belongs to another company now.
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Are you still making these repair kits? My sander just stripped for the second time and your solution is much better than using a thread repair kit (which was done the last time).
If so, how much is it, including stipping to Australia?

Dale Starr
Jet must have sold loads of these faulty machines ..Ive sold 3 repair kits already this year and its only halfway into January.:)
Hi Ken,
Hope your are well. I bought the spare aluminium head you had for the 10 20 drum sander a couple of years ago to repair a drum sander which had come in. I have another one in with the same problem and was looking to buy a few of the repair kits you were making.
If your still making them could you give me a price for four please.
Ok cheers. If I find anyone I will let you know.
Your skills and generosity never dwindle my friend. I aim for the standard you set and often fall short. Thanks for everything you do for this community.
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