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Nov 5, 2014
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Hi, this is a weird request. I own John King's ukulele book which has chopsticks in it, and have been working on it for a while. However I'm away from home all day and forgot to bring the book and want to work on it. Does anyone happen to have a PDF of The song ? No problem if not, or if that is uncomfortably like pirating, I definitely do own the book… :) thanks!
John King's What Child Is This/Greensleeves is a challenge, and is beautiful when it comes out well.
"""Is beautiful when it comes out well"""
You have been looking over my shoulder Nickie. Regards.

I try, but you're kinda far away.....I would love to have you sneak me a video of you playing it. I'm getting better at it, but still very slow.
Hello Nickie,
I am sorry but I do not have any recording or video stuff. My grand daughter is good at these things if we could ever get her attention. Regards.
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