John Prine song contest

I am surprised that no one has done 'Summer's End' because out of all John Prine's songs, Summer's End is the song that has touched me the most. I still remember the first time I heard it, it made me cry.... So, this is my cover, playing my Baritone Ukulele. Thank you John Prine for writing so many beautiful songs.
Bobby @bobjking and his band Wood Street Dogs had an uke workshop at the first ever Wirksworth Ukulele Festival. The song they played here is Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness. 30 minutes prior to this video being shot, none of these people (excluding the band) had ever played/sung this song before!
(Thanks Bobby for letting me share this!)

This song was one of the first John Prine songs I ever heard. In the early seventies, the Port Hope Fall Fair had an old-tyme fiddling contest and while the judges were making their decisions, an open mic kept the audience entertained. A left handed fiddler from Picton (whose name I forget) grabbed his left handed guitar and sang Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore. The Vietnam War was still raging and John's anti-war song made an impression on me.

“Your flag decal won’t get you into Heaven anymore.
They’re already overcrowded from your dirty, little war.
Now Jesus don’t like killin’, no matter what the reason’s for.
And your flag decal won’t get you into Heaven anymore.”

I suppose this could happen to anyone but spouses and significant others can probably relate to a partner occasionally being in another place even though they are in the same room with you - Linda Goes To Mars.

Thanks so much for all the John Prine songs, friends!

We have 2 more days till this contest ends!
Anyone else wanna bring something in? :--)

Hope you are well wherever you are and I will check back again!
that's so lovely, Jim.
Thank you for that. :----)
Nice shirt!
John wrote Angel From Montgomery in first person. It's the thoughts of a middle age housewife with a noncommunicative husband, coming to terms with her life. She's looking for something to hold onto... an angel from Montgomery, perhaps.

Hi UU friends!

I have a sketch/ drawing of a portrait of John Prine which I made a day after he passed away in 2020.
I want to give it to someone who really likes his music and would like to have the portrait.

So I thought I should start a little "contest" here, and I will send the portrait to that someone.

All you need to do is to play any John Prine songs. On the ukulele alone, live to the camera.

I will give this about 4 weeks. Last day is 2nd of October, or the first Monday of October wherever you are.

The portrait is attached here. It is black ink and water colour on sketch paper(cartridge paper). I don't think the paper is acid free. So in years to come it may yellow.

I will send this without a frame.

Looking forward to your entries!

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Really great! I'm a huge fan of John Denver. One of my favorite sings is "Paradise".
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