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Jun 5, 2013
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Here's a player & arranger from Argentina who is creating really nice music for the ukulele. His website is in Spanish but if you go to the 'partituras’ link, it is also in English. The tab books themselves have English versions, which is good because there is a lot of explanatory text. There are three books: Salitralos No Lloren, Hacienda Bardi, and Anos Nuevos, plus some tabs for individual songs. Julien made recordings of the music, which you can access via links to YT and Spotify (I also found it on Amazon Music).

How to describe this music? If you like Choan Galvez, Julien is definitely worth a listen. It is folkloric music - milongas, chacareras and other musical forms, each of which have a characteristic rhythm. You'll just have to listen and decide if it would appeal to you. But it is really different, and it sounds great on the uke. Fortunately it is in reach for intermediate players. We need more intermediate level music. I have enjoyed guitar music from Argentina for a long time. I like it as much as Brazilian guitar, but there is not obvious similarity, except by styles are highly syncopated, and both work out well on the uke.

You can also purchase his tab books via his YT channel.

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