June 21 Make Music Day


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Mar 16, 2017
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Honolulu, HI
Just learned that one our small group leaders wants to sign us up. It's a worldwide event - anyone else participating?
With so many people on this forum from all over, surprised that nobody else signed up.

Our leader is an excellent singer while the remaining 3 of us muddle along. A bit unnerving because we're slated to play at a major hotel (this lineup has been together a month & performed in public once). Anyway, it should be exciting!
Thanks for the links. I was wondering how to get a little more involved. Heck, I was just planning on taking the uke out on the front stoop in the evening opening up my song book and play a few tunes to the world. Perhaps neighbors and passer byers would like it.....perhaps not?????
The Raleigh Uke Jam has participated several times, playing at music stores or coffee houses. This year the local MMD organizers dropped the ball, probably because we’re emerging from the pandemic. We recorded a video that we’ll post Monday on the relevant sites. Next year we’ll plan to play somewhere, even if it isn’t a “sanctioned” event.

June 21 is National Music Day in France (says my great-niece who got her Ph.D in Rennes.) It was intended to encourage spontaneous performances. MMD emerged from that. Might as well play your Uke that day, and any other that strikes your fancy. Spontaneity can’t be regimented.
mjh42 and hendulele, I'd never heard about June 21 until recently. Actually, anyone can sign up - in Hawaii there's a map on the website that shows all locations & names of the groups performing. Some of the locations are at people's houses.
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I usually play for an hour or two every week day. (Weekends we are out on the boat, or at a hot rod show if the band doesn't have a gig) I will dedicate it to "make music day" tonight! I play my baritone ukulele with a harmonica in a brace...
I just told the leader of my group about this, Cali Rose and The CC Strummers. We meet on Zoom every Monday afternoon and Thursday morning, so we coincide today, good timing.

This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly Grove near the Beverly Center
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Donate to The Ukulele Kids Club, they provide ukuleles to children in hospital music therapy programs. www.theukc.org
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My bluegrass group will be playing today at our local Make Music Day event. No ukuleles though. Just a small 4 piece band playing guitar, resonator, mandolin, and bass.
Here’s our vid. When we say we aren’t professional musicians, here’s the proof!



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