Just a flaw or serious problem?


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Feb 27, 2022
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Hey guys,

I ordered an enya feather natural from an online store and it seems to have a problem just below the bridge.
I don’t like it much sound-wise and I will return it anyway.

I just wanted to ask you guys. What do you think about this?
Looks like this thing will split with time?



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Yes. The shop advertises having quality control. I also think this should not have passed.
Or do you mean Enya Quality control?
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Guessing that is a slightly imperfect alignment when they glued the two halves together. My thinking is that it will not change.
So much glare in the photo that I don't really know if there is a real problem or just an optical illusion. If you can feel a gap in the wood or a difference in height between the left and right halves, I would return it. If the book matching looks like a gap, but you cannot feel anything your ringers, then maybe it is an illusion.
Not meaning to be flippant, but if the uke sounded good, I wouldn’t worry about it. Since it doesn’t, the apparent flaw affirms the decision to return it;).
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