Just about one year since joining here. What I've gained from this place


Jan 29, 2023
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It's been just about one year since i started playing uke and joining up here. I've learned too many useful factoids here to even start listing, but what I've gained the most is from the sense of community this board has, which provides lots of motivation to continue practising - a huge challenge for me. As a beginner, I never though I would do it myself initially, but I really encourage everyone to check out the Seasons of Ukulele challenge https://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/forums/seasons-of-the-ukulele-sotu-song-challenge.47/ . It really helps you keep motivated by exploring new songs and most of all, overcoming self-doubts by putting yourself out in the world. I'm a bundle of anxiety and I hate my singing voice so this regular 'shock to the system' helps to ground me in the reality that things aren't that bad as I think. And if I really think I suck super-badly, I just don't post it - but at least I learned a new song in a week and who knows, after more practice or when I'm in a better headspace maybe I find I didn't suck that badly.
Thanks to the UU crew for keeping the place friendly and tidy. Play on!
Happy UUversary baconsalad! That's pretty awesome and thank you so much for sharing your experiences from participating on the UU forums. I'm really happy that you've been a part of our community, you've contributed a lot, too. Thank you.
That's awesome baconsalad. We are usually our own worst critics. Go back to some of your earliest recordings, and compare them to where you are now. Do it again in another year. You'll be amazed, and pleasantly surprised at how far you have progressed.

From small increments to an occasional epiphany, it all adds up to improvements in our muscle memory, knowledge and skills.
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