Just bought a Kala Marcy Marxer ukulele for $170 in NEW condition!!!


Dec 30, 2015
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So I went on an eBay shopping spree. I bought a Cordoba 20TM-CE for $75 shipped and then sold it for $125 (it was in new condition in original box). I used the $125 to pay for this Kala.

Overall, I spent $170. Just so excited. It just came in and it's in perfect condition except for wiring falling off sticky pad inside. Sounds beautiful. I'll have a review up here soon!

[this post is completely bullcrap. I just want everyone to say "holy crap that's awesome"]


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Holy Moly... Holy Freeholy... Holy excrement... Holy crap! That's awesome!

Nice Kala. I'm glad Marcy Marxer has a signature uke. She one heck of a player and teacher.

Congrats on your your new uke. It looks great.
Congrats on your new Kala. I have an older Kala, and I still love it.

Holy (fill in the blank)!
Color me green with envy!
Beautiful ukulele and I'm also a huge fan of Kalas and Marcy.
Well done!
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