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Oct 31, 2021
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Curious and felt like sharing... what's inside your case or gig bag? 'Ukulele essentials or just to have? I thought it might be fun and also informative for those bringing their ukes on trips or to jams, strums, gigs, etc.

Here's a start...
1. Tuner, clipped to my handle for easy access and to keep it off my headstock. I'd definitely put this in the pocket when moving around, but I like this spot when I'm around the house or local.
2. Mini Nikko metronome (Minikko)
3. My new lil chick, crocheted by @Brittni Paiva (I need to come with a name)
4. Boveda in a sunglasses bag
5. Microfiber cloths
6. Not pictured... a small Native American flute, since I gifted it to a friend last weekend.
7. 'Ukulele... perhaps the only truly essential item.

I'll get into the pocket(s) later!
A set of strings, string winder, a tuner, a strap, picks, capo, money for tea and cake.
Wait, what?
She posted a bunch for sale on her IG stories and I was drawn to grab one and support. It seems like something she's going to continue doing, at least for the near future, so I can let you know when I see 'em pop up again.

money for tea and cake.
Ooooh. Money is a good idea! Or you can just open up the case and play some tunes in a crowded area and the money will come raining in! ;)
My gig bag was sitting in a corner unused. I was curious to find out what was inside, since I haven't seen it in a while.

INside is:
The Martin Care & Feeding guide
The Martin ONe-Year Warranty booklet
A tag that used to hang from one of the tuners saying Proudly Strung with...
Mim's business card
An I ❤️ Ukulele sticker from Mim
A Thank You pamphlet from Sweetwater
A homemade humidifier (a sponge inside a tic-tac holder with holes drilled into it)
A receipt for a bone nut & saddle, and fret end dressing, all for $55...not too shabby.
Assorted nuts and saddles. The originals, the ones mentioned above and some homemade bone ones.
Last but not least, a pack of Aquila Lava Tenor Low G strings that I forgot about which are now going into rotation.
I never go anywhere with my ukes, so my two cases have just ukes and Boveda bags. And my cases aren't as roomy as yours, Chris. Everything's very tight. I have to take the straps off to actually latch the cases closed.
True! Hard cases are usually nice and tight. When I traveled with a hard case, I just had a Boveda and wipe cloth in the main compartment while the small compartment stored my tuner and nail maintenance tools (nail clippers, glass file, sandpaper).
My case has:
A tenor ukulele
5 different sets of strings in case I ever feel like experimenting (I’m happy with the stock string so far)
A capo
Headstock tuner
A thumb pick (I think I used it once?)
A partial handwritten tab for Merry-Go-Round of Life
I keep my ukes in hard cases but also have a gig bag in each size to use when walking to and from our weekly uke jam and for holding the current daily player.

Was taking a pic to show I keep nothing but the uke and strap in the bag when I noticed a bulge by the neck support strap, which turned out to be a long-missing hygrometer. Checked the pocket and found a rain cover, pencil, note pad and wife's kazoo. I apparently keep those in that bag but did confirm only a uke each in the concert and baritone bags.

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Each of my cases have the same items: a 49% RH Boveda pack and a hygrometer. My ukes have yet to leave the house so no need for items in them.
I’ll play, though nothing exciting.

Music nomad humidifier in the sound hole (until spring), 100% cotton polish cloth in the headstock area, and a snark tuner in the pocket. The humidifier will go in the pocket when not in use.


Here's a start...


6. Not pictured... a small Native American flute, since I gifted it to a friend last weekend.


Nice thread!

Love the idea of taking a flute in the same case. Haven't tried that, but would be great to keep both together so both are easily accessible. (NAF was the instrument I was starting to take up right before I started taking up ukulele, and I still love both - (along with hand drumming, when it won't be too loud for the kids....).

Out of curiosity, what kind of flute do you usually keep that fits? I started traveling with a small High B bamboo flute, since it would fit in my business carry-on, but am wondering now if a larger one might fit inside a ukulele case in a way that still keeps both safe.
(Although, then I would have to find a way to bring the ukulele case along on the business trip....)
It seems like something she's going to continue doing, at least for the near future, so I can let you know when I see 'em pop up again.

When she posts it on IG, just repost it here! She's been a UU forum member for 10 years and is definitely "one of us"! I think I'm far from the only one here who's a huge fan of hers and NOT a huge fan of social media, so I'm always grateful when folks remember to share what they find there. :)
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Mis-titled thread, I think... should be "in the bag".

I don't have much- a card w name/address /phone hidden away, microfiber towel, tuner, hygrometer/humidifier when needed, sometimes a set of extra strings, and strap if the bag has one. Mele guy hangs out on the zipper pull of gig bags. Cases have a little less (no strings, no strap, no Mele)
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Business cards.
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