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Nov 9, 2020
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Portland OR
Anyone here played both the Kamaka HF-4 and Kanilea K-1 baritones? Any big differences between the two? I’ve owned some Kamaka’s on the smaller scale end but not very experienced with Kanilea. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Hello fellow Portlander! I have a late model HF-4 and a 1970 HF-4! Haven't tried a Kanile'a baritone but curious as well!
Okay we Portland lads are curious. Count me in as well.
Theyʻre both great baritones. Kamakaʻs is the classic, with a classic look and classic sound. Mellow and fat. Kanileaʻs is my favorite -- it is slimmer, even slimmer than the tenor it feels like, so it has a really nice mellow tone but it doesnʻt get lost in the fatness of the low notes. Every note is balanced, punchy, clear, but not harsh. Sometimes low notes can overwhelm the highs on the baritones but I never really see that with the Kanileaʻs Iʻve tried.
Kamaka all the way. In a group, the Kanilea can disappear due to it's lack of volume. Kanilea's are beautifully built and finished but so are Kamaka's...and the side dot is at the 10th fret instead of the 9th on the Kanilea.
If you want a baritone with a "K" on the peghead, and you can't afford a Kamaka...get a Kalali.
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