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Aug 30, 2021
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Springville, UT, USA
I have bought several Kala ukuleles, and every one came with a card that says this:

"Become a Learn to Play member and get FULL access to our exclusive online video tutorials -- completely free!

kalabrand.com/start takes me to https://kalabrand.com/pages/learn-to-play"

This page doesn't say anything about "becoming a Learn to Play member". It looks like anyone at all can click on "Start My Lessons". Doing so takes me to a "Learn to Play Ukulele" page, where I can choose between Beginner, Color Chord, Mandy Harvey, and Elvis. So I can take the Beginner or Color Chord (obviously beginner) class, or I can learn a few songs by Mandy Harvey and Elvis (which may be a little beyond beginner).

At the bottom of the Learn to Play page is a link to the Kala mobile app, which says this:

"Learn to play ukulele with the Kala App! Includes a free tuner, lessons for beginners to advanced players, chord and strumming techniques, and tutorials for popular songs!"

The first time I went through this process, I re-read the card, where it said "full access to our exclusive online video tutorials -- completely free!", and thought all these lessons in the app would be free, right?

Well, the first thing you see when you open the app says "ENJOY UNLIMITED ACCESS" -- for $65 a year!

Are not lessons you take in an app online tutorials? Maybe they're not videos!

Does anyone else consider this to be false advertising? I wonder how many people see one of the cards and buy a ukulele thinking they're going to get all of Kala's lessons for free.

Or maybe there's some way I really can become a Learn to Play member and get them for free? I think not.

Not a big deal (it took me this long to say anything about it), but it just irritates me every time I see one of those cards.

BTW. the opening page in the app says "Highest rated ukulele app" and displays five stars, but when I go to Google Play, I see 3.6 stars -- which I don't think qualifies as the highest rated ukulele app....
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