Kala or Ohana

I couldn't find a direct apples to apples for the Ohana. But very similar spec?



34mm nut width seems unusually narrow to me. I agree that concert scale length is a big difference; not necessarily a plus or minus, just a very noticeable difference in feel and sound.
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I go with Kala... They are a local (to me here in Nor-Cal) company and their service department is really good. They replace anything that breaks in the first year and carry/sell parts after that time.

Here is our collection we use to teach at my school... They are used daily by kids 10-14, and they are dropped and banged around all day long. I've swapped out a couple of tuners during that time, and replaces a couple of broken strings. That's it. The quality is consistent and they last.

I don't have any Ohana's in my classroom collection so can't attest to those... sorry!Uke Pile.JPEG
I have multiple Ohana and Kala but no Kala Sopranos. I thing the Kala as a wee bit heavier.

It also depends on what you're planning to do with the ukulele. For string experiments I think the Kala would stand up better. But the Ohana is one of my favorite ukulele- the SK-75G a limited edition solid Spruce and solid maple soprano.

Let us know how you go.
If you're:
  • buying in person - - - > play them and choose your favorite
  • buying from a reputable uke store online - - - > ask them for advice
  • buying from a big box store online with free returns - - - > buy both and return one
Otherwise . . . I own ukes from both brands, and I think they are about the same. I guess I prefer Kala, the Ohana I have happens to be my least favorite uke, but honestly that's because it is a baritone more than because it is bad.

I strongly recommend buying from a reputable dealer who can make sure the setup is at least decent.
I have an Sk-38 for sale. Its nice. Strap buttons and fitted with some tinman magic strings. Would want to see it? Its a couple of years old, bought it from Mim. No dents no scratches. Kept with a hygrometer in the room.no smoking. It has a hard case with it.
Thanks for all the great advice, especially the videos. I seem to be leaning away from a spruce top. I already own an all solid concert, and like the warm sound compared to spruce. Now looking at an Ohana Sk-25 for only bit more money.
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