For Sale Kala SCAC-B Solid Cedar / Acacia Baritone

shipping included, lower 48 states USA.
Seattle, WA


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Aug 19, 2016
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Seattle, WA
I've got a very nice Kala SCAC-B Solid Cedar top, Lam Acacia Back and Sides Baritone to re-home.
I got this from Uke Republic in October of 2021, full pro setup, still in excellent condition.
It's a canon of a baritone with huge projection, deep bass, and really good lush sustain.
Very good for Finger style and classical and even Jazz chords and single notes ring out. Depending on strings you use, strumming is lush as well.
It has not been played much and has never left the house, always humidified.

It sounds especially good with Worth Browns, PHDs, Living Waters, Oasis, and even the original Aquilas are pretty good depending on your style, technique, preference.
If you want this to be a big super tenor, I highly recommend PHD Baritone Low GCEAs and tune it to Low F. It has incredible chime and sustain that compliments that versatility. The Acacia back and sides have a beautiful grain.

No scratches. There is one tiny ding at the base of the bridge towards the wood near the E string slot, caused by a hard flourocarbon string that broke during a string change and it whip lashed itself there to make a tiny ding in the finish. Purely cosmetic and only noticeable at certain angles of light. Tried to capture it and indicate in one of the pics.

This bari also comes with Graph-tec ratio tuners, which are decent. They do hold tuning well in my experience only after your strings settle down. But i did find that during string changes, they do have some back-drive and you just have to be patient and keep tuning up until the strings settle, then the back drive doesn't happen as advertised on Graph-tec's site. Just the way they're designed I think.

You can find specific specs on kala site or the Ukulele Site that has demo also:

PayPal Preferred but Zelle is OK if need be.
Asking $275 shipped CONUS


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Does the sale include a case?
Hello Runebird! thx for your note. This listing does not currently include a case. Just the instrument. However I DO have a brand new Ohana Deluxe Olive Twill hard case with that strong archtop top area and red plush interior case with the clear sticker thing still on the Ohana logo, not peeled yet. I was keeping it to house another baritone but if you are truly interested in this bari, I might be willing to sell it with this really great case. But I will have to up the price to account for the case, and the added weight and dimensions for shipping and insurance, by another $120, so a total of $395 probably shipped. Let me know ASAP as I might have to temporarily take down the listing while on vacation then repost in a few weeks. : )
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