New Uke Day (NUD) Kala Solid Cedar / Pau Ferro


Jan 7, 2024
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Southbury CT
Recently got a Kala ASCP-T solid cedar top / solid Pau Ferro body. Pau Ferro is in the Rosewood family and is apparently more readily available and less expensive than Rosewood and is supposedly denser and punchier sounding.


It has a very nice look.


The fit and finish for this $379 tenor is very nice. It has a lovely satin finish with a mahogany neck and bindings as well as an ebony fingerboard. Very nicely finished all around.
It comes with D’Addario clear nylon strings. I wasn’t very impressed with the sound, pretty bright and thin. I decided to put on a set of Pepe Romero low G fluorocarbons with the wound G string.
I gave the ukulele and the strings a few days to settle and I’m amazed at the transformation. The resonance and depth of this instrument sounds like it comes from a much more expensive ukulele and its loud!
I’ve been picking it up and playing it a lot.
Very happy with what I’m hearing and expect it may improve more over time.
I’ve been burning up my many Kala Coins, ( I got thousands when I bought my Revelator) so with the 20% discount I felt this was a real bargain for just about $300.
That is beautiful. I bet is sounds as good as it looks too.
Wow, that is beautiful, congratulations!
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