Kalimba Anyone?

I thought I'd provide a little insight as to what the girl above is doing with the kalimba and guitar composition. The kalimba Yasmin is using is a Meinl KA7, specifically made for E tuning. This bodes well for mating with a guitar, since E is a favored key for guitar. Yasmin is using the kalimba to arpeggio chords, while striking a chord and note melody rooted in E on guitar.

So, ukulele is tuned in C6, and the majority of kalimbas are tuned in C. Ideas?
Which electric pickups do you like with kalimbas, or do you get them with pickups installed?]
Your question got me thinking, and now I plan on installing a passive piezo disc in a kalimba sometime this week. The reason being, I can then plug it into my looper pedal, and overdub complex kalimba melodies on the fly.
I put a piezo disc into this solid bamboo kalamba. I simply inserted the jack into one of the existing tremolo holes, and stuck the piezo disc to the soundboard. It sounds great.
Cripes! Just when UAS is ebbing (buying two kits and a custom builders' slot will do that), I'm suddenly stricken with the need to own at least one kalimba.

Seeing this thread at the exact time we're planning a trip to Africa (including Zimbabwe, home of the kalimba I'm told) makes it seem imperative.

Can anyone offer advice to a new guy looking for a pretty decent instrument? Price is not a huge factor.

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