Kamaka pineapple


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Apr 24, 2009
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South Jersey
Is this style from the 1970's? Anybody know? Seems to have a koa neck.

Wow, I honestly don't know enough about the "vintage" factor to offer a meaningful opinion, but man, that is a wonderful looking instrument!
Nice. Thank you.

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It looks like it's at least from the 1960s.
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I just bought a vintage Kamaka as well. The gold labels were from '54 to '69 and the white labels began after that and went to I think the late 90s. I was recently on a site that had great info on the pineapples from Kamaka and from Ka-Lai (later Ka-Lae). I'll look for it and post it if I find it.
Thanks! Interesting too when I see pictures of the white labels, some have that feature to the end of the fretboard and some don't. Not sure what it's called but it's that sort of scooped design.
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