No longer available Kanile'a Koa Pineapple Tenor Deluxe P-1T DLX

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Sparta, WI
17" Tenor Pineapple


Jun 13, 2018
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Sparta, Wisconsin, USA
** After being away for almost a month, I have discovered that the Pineapple has developed fret sprout. While not severe, it is annoying. I don't want to sell it if it isn't right. So until I get it fixed, I'm withdrawing it from sale.**

This is an outstanding tenor uke. It's based upon the 2019 Platinum model, but has a paddle headstock, and doesn't have top binding/arm rest, or a side port. Same beautiful, full sound and construction of the Platinum including the True-R bracing.

I am really torn about selling this amazing tenor pineapple. Originally from TUS. I acquired it from the organizer of a benefit auction for Autism. He purchased it from TUS and donated it to the auction. The event was cancelled, so they put it up for sale on Flea Market Marketplace. I bought it for its looks and because of the cause. It was still brand new when I bought it in 2021. I have pt pare down my collection, and I'm starting with this one because I don't play it enough. I put a new set of Uke Logic soft tension pink strings on it.

The condition is excellent, I could not find any flaws other than very faint strumming surface marks on the sound board finish. I couldn’t get them to show up in the photos.

2020 Kanile'a Koa Tenor Pineapple Deluxe P-1T DLX TRU-R

Premium Compression Highly Figured Grain Koa with Sap Wood
Bookmatched Top, Back & Sides
UV-Cured High Satin (Silk) Poly Finish
Ebony Fretboard and Pin Bridge, Ebony Wood Pins
Ebony Headstock Front Plate
South American Mahogany Neck
Slightly Rounded Back (Top to Bottom Orientation)
Tusq Nut & Compensated Saddle
Mother of Pearl Front & Side Fretmarkers @ 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15
14 frets to body
Kanile`a Gold Open Gear Tuners, 16:1 Ratio

Tenor Scale Length: 17” (43.18cm)
Body Length: 12” (30.48cm)
Overall length: 27” (68.58cm)
Nut Width: 1.5” (38.15mm)
Upper Bout Width: 6.75” (17.15cm)
Lower Bout Width: 9.25” (23.5cm)
Upper Bout Depth: 2.5”/6.35cm
Lower Bout Depth: 2.75”/6.99cm

String Spacing
At Nut: G to A = 29.5mm; G to C = 10.5mm;
At 12th fret: G to A = 36mm; G to C = 12.5mm;
At Saddle: G to A = 44.5mm; G to C = 15.5mm;

This ukulele comes with the original Kanile'a premium gig-case. (You can throw it down a flight of stairs and your uke will survive it!) Also in excellent, unblemished condition.
IMG_5432.jpeg1 Label.jpgIMG_5442.jpeg1 Front.jpg1 Back.jpg1 L Side.jpg1 R Side.jpg1 Top Grain.jpg1 Name Date.jpgIMG_5442.jpeg
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It’s gorgeous! Unfortunately I can’t begin to justify yet another ukulele.
Amazing Koa (Kanile'a is great at finding special Koa). I have the Platinum version, these have a bigger sound than the figure 8 bodies!
If anyone wants to see higher rez/larger photos or has any questions, just ask. It's a wonderful, tenor with a full sound, yet isn't muddy.
Very lovely instrument. Those Kanile'a Pineapple Tenors do sound great, and the grain in that sound hole pic is to die for!
Is this still available?
I'm interested if this is still available.
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