Kanile'a KT1 w/pickup and Case

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Jun 18, 2012
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Potomac MD
Kanilea Tenor T 1 Ukulele
I bought this stunning Ukulele a few months ago from fellow UAA member.
Selling because I just found a Mya Moe Tenor that is one the way and I need the room.

The previous owned installed a pickup that I have never used bust assume it works fine as he keeps his ukulele in great condition.

From their web page; Every instrument we build, with the exception of an eight string, may be equipped with a “G” fourth course (196Hz) fixed with a 0.029" wire-wrapped nylon-core string for no extra charge. The woven G-string is tuned an octave lower, which gives a richer sound and opens a wider picking range. In addition each Kanile’a ‘Ukulele, with the exception of our Baritones and Sopranos, can be upgraded to a multiple stringed instrument. All of our six and eight string instruments come with a 1/8" x 3/8" Carbon Fiber (Graphite) rod inserted into the neck. This Carbon Fiber rod adds significant strength to the neck and improves instrument tonal response.
• Select Koa Body
• Koa or Rosewood
Fret Board and Bridge
• Paua Abalone position dots
• South American mahogany neck
• Rounded back
• Bridge Pins
• Chrome Geared Grover Tuner Keys
• UV Curved high gloss Polyester finish
• Aquila Corde Strings
• Hard Shell Plush Case
Asking $750.00 shipped to the CONUS paypal preferred.


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