Kanile'a saddle length smaller width than before?


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Jun 17, 2014
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Previous Kanile'a ukuleles have always had their saddles the same width as the bridge and their import line, Islander, would use a shorter width saddle and that was one of the distinguishing factors of the two. Recently I noticed Kanile'a switched over to using similar lengths saddles as the Islander ukes and I am wondering why they changed this? Is it related to cutting cost? I would imagine it would somewhat effect the resonance of the uke simply because there is less width and mass in the saddle to effectively transfer the vibrations to the soundboard compared to the old setup. Does anyone have any insight into this matter? For me, it kind of degrades the value of new Kanile'a ukes because they look just like Islanders now.

Previous bridge setup:

Current bridge setup:
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I think the older style looks better, but no way does the new style make a Kanile'a look like an Islander! There are lots of differences if you have one in your hand. Not sure why the change...doubt if it makes much difference in cost or sound, actually.
Well I just mean taking into account only the appearance of the bridge on both instruments. Yes the difference in wood selection, overall craftsmanship, sound and feel etc. justifies Kanile'a being far superior but I just wish they hadn't changed that particular aspect is the point I wanted to get across.
The newer design actually takes more work to get everything to fit perfectly. It's an improvement. The bridge is stronger. In the latest models they've also made the saddles compensated. I like the newer pocket slot bridges with the compensated saddles.
Just thought I'd share a comparison of my Kanile'a and my Islander...Kanile'a was built in 2012, the Islander, I think 2014. I certainly like the bridge on mine better than the new ones...
IMG_20150513_191248842.jpg IMG_20150513_191312981.jpg IMG_20150513_191328448.jpg IMG_20150513_191344597.jpg
this is a recent file pic' from theukulelesite
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