Kashmir fingerstyle solo (by Yujiro Nakajima)


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Jul 25, 2021
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Portland, Oregon
Happy Turkey day for those in the states and happy Thursday everyone else!

I just had to share this... This is Yuji from Ukulele Time. He posts a prolific number of new tabs and also takes requests. I am always playing his fingerstyle arrangements in my vids.

I requested Kashmir about a month ago and he CRUSHED it. I'm so excited to start working on this one, but at 6 pages it's a beast. This is him playing straight of course, but this guy has SKILL. See his other vid below also. Just absolutely admiring this achievement of an arrangement!

I believe his primary love is bossa nova, which you can hear bleeding through in his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Really magical!

Yuji is great. I've been a Patreon supporter since he first joined Patreon. I like that his videos and arrangements have a range of skill levels and sometimes he makes different videos/arrangements of the same song for different skill levels. His YouTube page has more information about how to join his Patreon.
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Great presentation for learning in a play along style. You can see where his fingers are and hear the music and read the notation. If you use the slow down and wind back features on YouTube you can work through the piece as slowly as you choose.

Repeats are great for saving space on an A4 page, but when you want to learn a tune sometimes all the going back and forth gets in the way. A simpler TAB presentation with the repeats would be a good aide memoire once you have learned the piece and want to play it later. Maybe Mr Yuji expects the students to do some work themselves and they can write it on two pages if they feel a need, instead of expecting not only a free video lesson but also expecting all the written music neatly formatted onto 2 pages on a plate?
He posts PDF tabs to his Patreon supporters. The PDF tab has 5 repeat sections and is still 6 pages long.
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