Keeping Track

I love a good database or spreadsheet, but I've never thought of putting them to use in cataloguing our ukuleles. I'm more visual, so I chose to develop a website (see link in my signature block below) devoted to ukes we own or have owned and the ones I've built, similar to a website I have that's devoted to my interest in antique clocks. The idea of tracking string changes is intriguing. I've certainly tried multiple types of strings on my ukes but have never considered documenting my impressions (likes & dislikes) for future reference. And my memory is so flaky, I can't even come close to remembering why I prefer Uke Logics on some, rather than Oasis or Worth Browns or any other string type. As far as prices I've paid go, I long ago became resigned to never being able to recover money spent on my clock collecting hobby and have carried that over into ukes. What I paid for a clock or an ukulele is only important on the day I buy it. After that, the pleasure I get out of the clock or uke takes over.
Nice layout on your website, Jerome :) I too have thought of moving away from my feeble attempts at tracking my string changes (my chicken scratch on notepads and random pieces of paper, tucked away here and there between opened packets of strings I've tried). It is so easy to forget such subjective differences but the ones I DON'T forget are the ones I immediately didn't like. There's only been a few, thankfully...

Now that I've got my 5th ukulele (it wasn't entirely my doing... I swear!) each one has different strings and I find myself learning a song and then deciding which instrument works/sounds best with each piece. My impulsive string changing has become less severe... maybe because I have the variety of instruments now. When I only had 2 ukes, I was on the hunt to get less thud on my first tenor....must have gone through 6-8 different brands in less than a month.

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