Killing Me Softly (Harp Ukulele Solo)

Nicely played...I was just about to record this tune! You beat me to it...well done.
Thanks a lot for your kind comments! :eek:

The mutant uke is much easier to play than it might look like! :)
How about a short "How-to" You-Tube video ?

Unfortunately my spoken English is even worse than my written one, so I cannot make a real tutorial.
If you're especially interested in "Killing me Softly" I could record a really slow and close version, where you can see how I play.

Basically you have to think about how to tune your sub strings. For "Killing me Softly", which I play in d, I tuned them the standard way C-D-E-F. The clou is, to play the right sub fitting to the chord, therefore the colored strings help a lot.

I'm not comfortable enough on my harp uke to make big explanations, but if you have further questions don't hesitate to ask and I try to answer them.

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