Tenor Koa Pili Koko (KPK) Deluxe Mahogany Tenor with Mahogany binding*

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Mar 9, 2016
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Western Massachusetts
This Koa Pili Koko Deluxe Mahogany Tenor with figured maple binding in "like new" condition (no blemishes) was purchased from Jason at pilikoko.com a couple of years ago. Currently strung with Worth clear strings, it has a bright, balanced tone, good sustain and low action for easy playability. KPK tenors have a 1.5" nut , a low/flat neck profile, and an open pore, low gloss finish. Includes padded gig bag.

I own two other KPKs (a pineapple and a mahogany concert) and the only reason I'm getting rid of this tenor is I'm limiting myself to one mahogany tenor, and that'll be a recently acquired Collings UT1.

Price $200 includes CONUS shipping, pal pay friends and family. You won't find a better solid mahogany tenor at this price point!

As an aside, I understand that Aersi (the Chinese manufacturer) has reclaimed the KPK brand, and that Jason will no longer be selling "gumby" headstock KPK ukes from his Hawaiian shop.

*Instead of bumping an old thread that included a Favilla soprano that has sold, I thought I'd post this KPK Tenor separately.

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