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May 23, 2010
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Saint Andrews Bay, FL
Long story, but this was a warranty replacement, and it took a pretty long time to get the replacement, so I got tired of waiting and said just send me any tenor you have. I'm selling it because in the meantime I've purchased 2 other tenors and I don't need 3. I would consider this a 2nd, although it wasn't represented to me as such and has no mark on the label. It must have been dusty in the shop the day it was finished as if you hold the uke at the right angle to the light you can see some dust in the finish. It's not too noticeable, but I like to give and get full disclosure. There is also an imperfection on the neck binding near the nut,the rosewod binding is slightly rounded. also very hard to photograph, especially since my camera is MIA and I'm having to use my phone. This is probably the nicest sounding uke I have, and if you've ever played a Koaloha you know what I mean. This is the 3rd one I've had, and it sounds as good or better than any of them.
It also has a factory installed Baggs 5.0 pick up, and a Guardian vintage case, the ones with the crushed green lining and comfy handle. So, The street on the KTM-00 is 1000 +, the Baggs is 150 + installation, the case is close to 100, that's $1250+.
I'll sell it for $950 shipped CONUS.
You get the uke for less than a new one, plus one of the best cases and pickups out there. and this is new, I strummed it a little, but have had it less than a month. Since this is a pricey uke, If not 100% satisfied, just send it back in the same condition and I'll be happy to refund - shipping costs.

The color is closest to the 2nd and last picture [neck and side
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That is a beautiful uke, sorry you have to rehome it.
Is your uke strung with log-G? Look like it in the photo. What a beauty!
yes, low G, has the strings it came with, whatever koaloha uses. Worth?

They call the strings they use "Japanese fishing line". They buy it in big spools.

What is Worth strings? Japanese fishing line. And if you throw a micrometer on a set of each, you get the same diameters.

I think they buy from the same people that sell to Worth.
That's a beautiful instrument, brother strum. The koa is more figured than most KoAlohas, adding to its value.

Don’t want to leave the wrong impression on Worth strings. First KoAloha endorses Worth strings. KoAloha prides itself on the consistent high quality tone of their ukuleles; they string them with Worth. In a set of worth strings each note has a different diameter. The are made of 100% fluorocarbon nylon. In our shop we use mostly Worth and Fremont both 100% fluorocarbon nylon and both made in Japan. For my money Worth and Fremont are the best ukulele strings on the market. We sell only high end new and vintage ukuleles and it is difficult to fine one at any price that rivals the high quality tone produced by a KoAloha ukulele with Worth strings on it.
We sell only high end new and vintage ukuleles and it is difficult to fine one at any price that rivals the high quality tone produced by a KoAloha ukulele with Worth strings on it.

yes, the tone is amazing, and it really shines when fingerpicked.
saw an ad on ebay for one advertized as hand buffed [$1200] Install the baggs and it's 1400. sO i BUFFED MINE, AND THE DUST ISSUE IS VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED. Mine is $450 less with a better[I think] case too.
A month and a half too late for me... I picked one up already or I would be all over this one. I am loving the sound.
Low G Worth sounds nice but will be experimenting with some Oasis, and Southcoasts as well... as soon as they arrive.

I like the figuring of the koa... it is definitely more ornate than most KoAloha's I have seen.

Hope you find a loving home for it Andy.

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