Buying Tips? Lanikai Solid Mahogany Concerts..$109 OBO

I need buying advice!


Jan 13, 2009
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grrrrr....these require humidification right?
Phil, you are a very, very bad man. :D:D:D

...just when I had forgotten about one that I almost bought some months ago, but controlled myself and uncharacteristically admitted to myself that I did not "need" it...LOL, I'm supporting commerce in my very own state, and that's a good thing, right?
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Well looked at these and just had to get one of the Tenor solid monkeypod cut away Ukes. Thanks for the heads up Phil . You know those spruce tops look good too...
Solid mahogany still l$109. If you are going to post conflicting info on someone else's post, please provide supportive info.
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i don't believe i posted conflicting information. Thanks eqt2010 for posting the link. Purchased 2 last night for my nephews.......
On second thought, maybe it was conflicting. For the $69.80 price, no set-up and free shipping....

I just pulled the trigger anyway. :)

Not sure about the set-up, but for $69.80 I can live with it.

Updated: just asked and got email from Butler Music:
These are not tuned and given a pro setup prior to shipping. Our technician can give it a setup for $30.00 which includes filing the frets, oiling the fingerboard, changing the strings, and adjust the nut/saddle
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On second thought, maybe it was conflicting. For the $69.80 price, no set-up and free shipping....

It's just that if you would have posted that link initially, I would have gotten one too...LOL. Two totally different listings. The $109 price is still showing on the link I initially posted and many available. I can do my own setup. I'd have much rather had one for $69.80.....and I don't even need one. :rolleyes:
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There's still time to buy!!!!

How do you do a "set up"?? Haven't looked yet, r links available on this site?
Since it is a OBO listing on ebay, I offered my best offer and they have 48 hours to respond to it. Now I have to wait and see.
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