Buying Tips? Lanikai Solid Mahogany Concerts..$109 OBO

I need buying advice!
if your offer isn't too out of hand they should accept it. With the lanika bari deal they had people here "calibrated" which OBO to use.
I offered them $95 and they came back with a counter offer of $103. That's a $6.95 discount.
nice they tell you what they will take for it instead of ust rejecting you. These things seem to be heavily discounted as is already. Too bad they don't have the unsetup ones around anymore.
Yeah, would have been an even better deal if I'd have gotten one.
Did anybody get one of these yet? I've been holding off on pulling the trigger until I hear some feedback from buyers.
Anybody have some opinions on these?
Not the concert but a tenor solid monkey pod 2nd . I received exactly what I ordered and it's great . This turned out to be a really good deal for me . Think I'll buy a baritone from them next .

I was beginning to think that I wanted to look for a nice third ukulele - something between my starter uke and my heavy maple/brass banjolele. This looks like a great deal, even though I'm not wild about the cutaway look.
Just received the $69.80(without tune & setup) one yesterday. The fit and finish is ok(minor binding gap; nut with sharp ends). Action is fine(a little bit high, but not hard to play). Sounds nice but I haven't tried the pickup yet so have no idea how it works.

Basically a good buy for the money.
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