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Nov 22, 2017
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Unless you have been lost in the Amazon jungle for the past 10 years, you know all about "The Tree"; that unbelievably pricey wild grained mahogany for instruments.
And if you follow this forum, you know all about Ken Timm's "The Billard Table".
So let me introduce you to "THE BED".;););) It is a series of ukuleles made from a salvaged 4-poster bed made of old growth Cuban Mahogany. This is #3 and it is a sopranino:

I’m slow in responding b/c I’d spent several minutes gazing open mouthed at the creatively curvaceous boomerang sound hole. Or ….. is it a kylie?

For whatever reason, the concept of turning beds into ukes has put Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Jimmy Ibbotson’s great 1985 lyrics for “Telluride” into my little brain:

“Lay you down in a cannonball bed,
Put a soft fellow pillow down by your head.
Intertwine flowers into a maidens veil.
Wake you in the morning,
Take the gold into Telluride.” :ROFLMAO:
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Many years ago, we got a Kawai piano delivered. The guy said that the "crate" wood was mahogany. I guess I should have saved it. It looked like ordinary unfinished wood, and it surrounded the entire piano.
Pallet wood can often be stuff like mahogany. Not necessarily GREAT mahogany but useable. My husband has used a lot of pallet wood in projects (he builds furniture).
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