::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 12!

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Nov 11, 2009
Welcome one and all to the place where conversation goes more like the a family room and less like anything else. Feel free to join in the banter, have fun and spread the love! It started with this thread:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead

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Then went to this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 2!

[[Post Counts]]

Then this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 3!

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Then this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 4!

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Then this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 5!

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Then this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 6!

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Then this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 7!

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Then this one:

::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 8!

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And its continuing with this one! So welcome!

PoHo to do list:

1) Make witty comments about the things other people have posted in your absence

2) Post comment or two about things currently on your mind


4) Browse the other forums to make sure you aren't missing out on good, non PoHo related stuff.

5) Come back here and see what you missed.

6) Go to 1 and repeat as necessary.

K Run Information:

A race to the next thousandth number of thread post. See the number in the black band? Some of us fools will attempt to get the 7000th post. Even hundredth posts (example 6400) are cool and numbers like 6666 are fought for as are numbers like 6543. A person who "snipes" a run is the person who sits back during a run (runs are usually only conducted to hundredths and thousandths) and pounces at the last minute to "snipe" the number. Going back and deleting a post to get a "K" is frowned upon and discouraged.

The Lists:

  • See the post list from the first chapter here

  • See the post list from the second chapter here

  • See the post list from the third chapter here

  • See the post list from the fourth chapter here

  • See the post list from the fifth chapter here

  • See the post list from the sixth chapter here


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Nov 11, 2009
  • See the post list from the seventh chapter here

  • See the post list from the eighth chapter here

  • 609 - TBD 9-2011

*Posts changed causing different recipient.

A list of the posters:

Jon - bbycrts
Sally - Salukulady
Sukie - Sukie (she's actually Susan, but she's just Sukie...)
Shane - Ukeshale
Andy - Ukulelehill
Matt - Scarecrow
Damon - Pueo
Stephen - Veep
Nut or Cash or Barb - Cashew (Barb's her real name, of course, but the other two show up all the time)
Tammy - Skitzic
Scott - consitter
Ronin - Musicmonsterw
Kim - Sailqwest
Rich - Sailorqwest (he really needs to spend more time around here)
Colin - Colmes
Mike - mascompro
Mim - Mim (really Audra but she goes by Mim... Don't call her Audra she will ask you who you are talking too...)
Henry or Hank - Hankthetank
Rob or Faricelli - Faricelli
Tina - austin1
Rob - Ukulelerob
Mike - UncleElvis
Dan - Bigploch
Danny - Kanaka916
Dustin - Phanzo
Lauren - Misohappy
Hazy - Hazy (how easy could that be? Need to find out how she's doing - haven't heard from her for a while)
Ole - Bratset
JT - JT_Ukes
Seeso - Seeso
Ramon - Rzr
John or Eller - Haolejohn
Mike - chindog
Marion - Freeda
Willie - RevWill
Melissa - Melissa82 (on hiatus)
Chris - Spots
Tim - Tack
Aly - Uketreehugger
Danielle - iamdanielle
Lauren - MisoHappy or Miso or Imp
Zoe - Ukulelezo
Don - Mailman
Ben - Thatukuleleguy

So you're new to the PoHo thread?

1) Congratulations!
2) Best of luck to you.

The PoHo thread works in standard thread fashion, but unlike standard threads, the PoHo thread goes on and on and on ad infinitum. At first glance, the posts appear to be complete nonsense with little or no continuity, but upon closer inspection, the thread reveals itself to adhere strictly to an underlying order and pattern. Any random thousand posts can be broken down like so:

Posts 1-20:

PoHos alternately congratulate, insult, demean, mock, or debate the validity of, whoever successfully scored the K.

Posts 21-969:

Consists of several sub-patterns, which may appear in any order, these being:

--Multiple pages of PoHos bidding each other good morning or good night.

Children pictures.
--People with children or grandchildren will post pictures of them being adorable, everyone will ooh and aww because all PoHos have adorable children. Uncle Elvis will tear up, I will wield the word 'headlice' like a weapon. People with older children will talk about how their children are older.

Animal pictures.
--People will randomly start posting animal pictures for no reason other than they feel like it. Animal pictures will be either really adorable/really terrifying/of animals whose names can be interpreted as sexual innuendo. Mike the Chin will at some point post pictures of his 8 billion dogs, and everyone will try and figure out how he tells them apart for two pages, and then give up when it becomes apparent that all his dogs look exactly the same.

Tack vs Bbycrts.
--Tim and Jon will have it out for multiple pages at a time. Hilarity ensues.

Australia Bashing.
--Usually occurs at some point during the Tim/Jon showdown. The words "tim tam," "vegemite," and "kangaroo" will be repeated often.

England Bashing.
--Not so much bashing as it is drooling over accents. Generally Shane will then pop in to tell the American PoHos how American they are.

Bermuda Bashing.
--Not so much bashing as it is mistakenly calling it "The Bahamas."

Canada Bashing.
--Is a national pastime.

Hot Guy Pictures.
--Female PoHos drool, male PoHos post a terrifying picture of a nun in retaliation.

Hot Girl Pictures.
--Usually take the form of one of Sally's daughters.

--Discussions lasting way too long ensue.

Sexual Innuendo.
--Pages and pages and pages of it. Uncle Elvis will at some point use the phrase "bite your face off."

Life in Hawaii.
--Damon will post pictures of rainbows or sand, and everyone will discuss how much better it would be to live in a place where the sun shines. Sally and California will give Damon a run for his money in paradise, in the end, they're the only two that win.

Mim's House.
--Heated discussions as to whether or not Mim should get a yak or an emu. Or both.

Obscure References.
--To Dr. Who, Angels and Demons, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, WWII, ad infinitum.

Uke Jam Rehashes.
--Someone will go to a uke jam, discussions of uke jam ensue. Uncle Elvis will post awesome posters of the ones he runs, and everyone will need copies because that man is a genius.

Buying Ukes.
--Someone will buy/see/sell a uke, discussions ensue.

--JT makes fun of Stephen. Jon corrects everybody.

Actual Serious Topics.
--PoHos discuss actual serious problems and issues pertaining to our lives. Support is given freely, everyone feels better. Discussion eventually devolves into sexual innuendo. Uncle Elvis wants to bite your face off.

--PoHos mock controversial threads and the people who post in them in the most indirect way possible, to avoid getting in trouble. The words "cult" and "clique" get thrown into circulation. Someone, usually me, will unfailingly suggest we wear capes.

Matt Lindahl
--Will appear. Multiple pages ensue about how we wish we were Matt Lindahl.

Seeso and Zoe
--Will appear. Multiple pages ensue about how we wish we were Seeso and Zoe.

Sam the Eagle
--Will appear, generally after the sexual innuendo or boobs discussion, in an attempt to bring everyone into a family-friendly line. Sam the Eagle will eventually be chased out in a barrage of female anatomy.

PoHo Counts
--At least one post a day will be devoted to posting how many PoHos are reading the thread at the same moment you are. Then several other posts encouraging them to post/take off their invisibility cloaks will ensue. If new non-PoHos are reading the thread, they will be encouraged to post, but they generally don't.

Posts 970-1000:

Someone will realize the K is coming up. Two people usually start sprinting for it. Other people join in. Finally, someone else will attempt to swipe the K. There will be much indignation and Australia-bashing. K will be achieved. Cycle starts all over again.

And there you have it! That's how we work! Welcome to the fold! We're getting capes soon.
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Feb 1, 2010
Missed ending got the first though on phone!!


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Mar 22, 2008
I saw your post Ken and I counted to 10 and posted the closing link... Talk about close!


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Jul 29, 2010
I had 220 posts in Chapter 11.... while that ain't much compared to the rest of y'all, I guess that makes me at least a Junior PoHo or sumpin...
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