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OK, I've done all the damage I can, at this time.

Now I need to go spend some quality time with my lovely bride. Later!
Must get food.

Tonight is curry gourmet hotdogs with a side order of sauerkraut with crumbled bacon. Followed by tarragon onion rings.
These were the BEST places to eat. Most of the merkens wouldn't eat there with me so I would get the local to take me and they always showed me the best dishes and explained what they were.


That looks like a bizzare foods with Andrew Zimmern episode. I would love to go eat there. Looks like you had a lot of fun.
The interview is done. They gave me some time to look around the area. The big boss spent a lot of time "selling" me on the area. His message was that he only wanted me to make the move if it was right for me and my family. It was important to him that I would be happy with the job and the location. He is a really smart man and is new to the company. Most of the people that I will be working with have been there along time. He intends to make some big changes which I will likely be a part of. Exciting stuff.

I am sitting in the airport. I just got off of the phone with the other company. That job is in SC. He is passing my résumé on to the hiring guy to possibly do a phone interview.
Holy Schmolley! That sounds lovely. It's always nice to know people stay at a job. Happy, maybe? And the other possibility is good too.
It is a great place I get my extra bold tellicherry peppercorns there for my pepper mill.
Good luck on your Pho experiment.

I found a blog that adapted the 'best' pho recipe for the crock pot. I'm all over that! I'll keep you informed.
I really want to try kimchi, but the Asian store only sells it in 1 gallon jars. I don't want to buy a gigantic jar when I may not like it...or be able to eat it...
I might be able to get you a smaller size jar. I just need to get the kind that does not need to be refrigerated to send it to you. I will check on that.
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