::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 20!

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First! Yeah... Still doesn't get old...
Ya bum. I was in the middle of a post. He he he.
First page anyhow.

I was too busy teaching these pesky kids!
Dang! I had typed a post on the other chapter & it wouldn't go through! Oh well. It wasn't much.
*looks around*. New place, huh? I think I like it....

I was over at my neighbors dog-sitting for a couple hours. She had 2 seizures last night and her folks asked me to watch her while they took their twin babies to the doctor. Poor dog is 14.
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Is everyone waiting 'til I leave to start posting?
Well since I am at 40 posts per page, I am still on the first page. :D
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