::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

I used to have a chair I called "The bun huger"... it was a cast iron tractor seat bolted onto a swiveling bar stool base.

The only problem was, if you knocked it over, it fell with murderous force that might remove a pedal digit.

BTW: Do you know Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair?

They know what an LP record is, but were unclear on the concept of a cassette... odd...
I frequently use "pop culture" references that cause my students to look like the RCA Dog. Head tilted, brows furrowed and general confusion all around. In my head my references are contemporary but in reality the kids weren't even born. Need to turn in my chalk board soon.
I would have won the last run if I had understood the rules... and ways to game the system!

Still sore about that...
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