::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

Joe Bob Briggs mentioned it in his Sunday paper column
I saw your earlier post wondering what it must have been like. We didn't get much work done. One time there were three "K" runs in one day. It was crazy. And the battles for the "K" were epic. Lot's of PoHos were adept at sniping. Mim was pretty good at it actually.
Pere, I was going to bother you for the link to here again but I searched my history and found it from a few days ago. Bookmarked so I won't have to ask you every time. 🤙
Did you ever attend the Napa Uke fest when they had them? I met a lot of great people there.
No... We used to have a Santa Rosa Uke Fest that was also pretty good but the Pandemic seems to have killed it. I went a couple of years in a row and it seemed like it was becoming established> I think the Petaluma based Kala put up some of the funding.
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