::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

I said "John, that was brilliant!" You totally fooled them! "Yeah, but I was totally shitting bricks the whole time"...
Last time I was there, there were these giant towers running along the freeway in Honolulu... holding up nothing!

I guess there was supposed to be some kind of high speed rail system installed...
It's light rail, and it is horribly over budget and behind schedule. By four Billion dollars and 8 years.
Glad I paid the $8 for a reservation. They came to my seat, I showed him the barcode, and he said, "that is just the reservation, do you have your pass?" So then I had to switch to the other app and show him my Eurail pass. Had I not made the reservation, it would have been ok, but the possibility of someone having reserves the seat I am sitting in means I would have had to move and find another seat. I have a bunch of stuff with me, that would have been a PITA.
Hi Hos

And so, another day, another K run begins.
James team won 78-27. Our parents were clapping when the other team made a bucket.
Prom exhausted me. Had to drive to the East Bay to pick up his date and then drive them to SJ Rose Gardens for pics, and then took them to dinner and then to the prom. Her parent's picked her up so that was nice but I just got home. Left the house at 7:00am this morning to set up the gym (it's our tournament).
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