Learning Spanish Guitar


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Feb 21, 2018
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Portland OR
I'm diving in! Bought a nylon string guitar. Having fun! Who knew two extra strings could be so hard to use?

Anyway, I've been looking on line for resources for learning Spanish Guitar: Tomas Michaud and Marco Cirillo. Anyone had experience with either of these? I've used Marco for awhile for a resource of uke. Quite nice. But Tomas seems to offer more of a systematic approach. Any suggestions?
When I was a young man at Cadiz, I played on my Spanish guitar, Ching Ching!!!
What kind of music do you want to play?

For Flamenco try Flamenco explained.

For classical try Bradford Werner at this is classical guitar.

Classical guitar shed and classical guitar corner are also good.

Welcome to the Uke plus 2 club!

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